Abstracting the New Town - August Exhibition

I'm having a solo show of my latest work this summer, as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe - Thursday 9th August to Tuesday 14th August, at 'The Life Room Gallery' on Dundas Street, Edinburgh (dates for your diary!). I'm pretty excited, and currently working hard on the new pieces, now starting to count down the days and weeks! Most of the works will be of the surrounding streets in the Edinburgh New Town - the lovely Georgian doors and railings, windows and chimney pots, with a few Botanic Gardens Glasshouses no doubt. This current lovely weather is a gift - I'm loving getting out with my camera and sketchbook scoping out new views and compositions. And sometimes struggling to balance the 'research in the sunshine' time, with time back in the studio making the actual works! I'll keep you posted with sneaky peeks of some of new pieces as they appear.